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2001 Toyota Sienna Door Handle Broken - Help!  ( & How to Remove a Toyota Sienna Door Panel)
Other years 1999, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005  unknown if applicable - anyone?)

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For help programming your remote door lock fob / keyfob

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You go to open your door and snap! The handle breaks - Now What?

This happens to a lot of Sienna vans (1999,2000,2001), and also to lots of different Toyotas as well, judging by a search on the   web. Why? Plastic handles. Why, in heavens name, would they use plastic handles? It happened to us, my wife tried to open the drivers door, but heard a crack, then the handle went limp and would barely open the door. Sounds familiar?

What now? Take it to a dealership and be charged hundreds to repair?


First, you have to remove the door panels. Pulling up the armrest reveals 2 large Phillips screws. Remove them. Pull off the circular cover near the mirror. Remove screw underneath.

Pry up the window control panel at the front and remove connector and panel.
You should be able to remove the lower panel now, disconnect the door light once you have it off.






Remove screw from center of inner handle, but it will still NOT come off! You have to pry at the top and bottom of the handles - see picture left.

To remove - push to the inside towards the door hinges. Pull off. 







Here is the door with the panels removed.

Pull back the upper left plastic to get to the inner door handle bits.





Remove soft black circular cover on door jam. Reveals another 10mm bolt. Remove it - don't drop inside door!


Reach in holes in door and pull back the yellow clips that hold the lock and open rods to the handle.

Get someone with very small strong hands! This is the fiddly bit, believe me. Use a small bright flashlight to help see
what you are doing.




Remove the right hand 10mm bolt.
The left handle bolt only holds the lock cylinder in place and can be removed once handle is removed. Move the handle to the left to pull it out.






69220-09010-BO (mine is silver - your number may vary on color)
$90! Getting one from a junk yard would be cheaper and break almost immediately,


Reverse the whole operation to re-install. Takes about an hour depending upon beer consumption and quality of neighbors help (tends to extend the job but gotta love ;em)

You have just saved another $300.

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