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As well as selling our unique key finder system, when we fix something or discover a solution, we like to share -  here is another page to help out. DJM.  All material here - Copyright (C) 2014 Melbourne Designs, LLC. OK, so it's also a cheap plug to advertise FOFA - please forgive us!

Use at your own risk - we bear no responsibility for any injury or damage caused by the use of this information.
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 or monetarily) following any advice or information offered here or any other page we host.

1998+ Mitsubishi Montero Sport
 Turn Indicator stuck left or right - Won't cancel. 

Your turn signal won't go off. Help!
Immediate temporary fix is to remove Fuse #1 (10A) miniature fuse in tiny black fuse box near left drivers leg under dash.
At least now people won't think you are crazy, leaving your turn signal running all the time.

Obviously the switch has broken. You Google it. The problem is a rash on the internet. EVERYONE's switch breaks at some point!

The GOOD NEWS - It is super easy to replace, and the parts stores have them!
The BAD NEWS -   They cost $75+ (or much more if you get them from a dealer.)
More GOOD NEWS - Amazon have them for $45! (My Part # was CBS1096 by Intermotor)
MORE Bad News - That will take a few days to get.

What in the meantime? Well, we decided, with nothing to lose, to tear the switch apart and at least see the failure.

Took the switch out - Easy. Undo the 3 screws holding the top and bottom covers around the steering wheel. Lower the tilt and unsnap the 2 front clips to separate the 2 halves - Pull them off.  the stalk and switch body is held on with 2 screws, top & bottom.
Unplug the 2 electrical connectors - Remove. Here it is. From door open to switch in your hand - 5 min.

Now if you have your replacement, put it in and reverse the procedure - DONE!
If you, like me, are waiting, then take the switch apart.

2 screws on the top at opposing corners.

Pull the cover off and pull the center of the switch with the stalk attached. It is likely that a tiny black piece of plastic
resembling a rat dropping (don't know a nicer way of describing it) will fall out.


It looks like this

This is the part that used to operate the switch in the lower part of the unit. Remove any loose broken parts now.

If you look at where this little "nub" was, you can immediately see the weakness in the design. It was going to fail someday.

YOU CANNOT GLUE IT BACK ON- IT WON'T WORK.  There, saved you hours of frustration.

So is a temporary fix possible? Yes! We took a small steel rivet, cut the head almost completely off, then used a small dremel drill to put a hole in the very end of the black body where the "nub" broke off.

Look at the out of focus image.


We cut the rivet off so that the correct length protruded to match the length of the broken off "nub" (leaving about 7mm sticking out)

For good measure, we coated the rivet in superglue to stop it moving in the hole, but it was held in quite well anyway.
We reassembled the switch, stuck it back on the car and it worked!
Will the fix last? No idea, we just needed a few days while the new one arrived. Will update.

The next day, the new switch appeared from Amazon. Now too lazy to swap them - the fix cost $0.02 for the rivet.....

Your mileage may vary.


Disclaimer : Fixing your own vehicle is dangerous. It could fall on you, catch fire, run off the road into a brick wall then explode and catch fire again.
                       People and animals could die or, at the very least, be mad at you. Do not attempt any repair that you are not confident about.
                       We did not tell you to do it. Really.


DavidM 10/10/2014

A word of Thanks to the hundreds that have donated a buck to my cause - trying to save all of you the dreaded dealer repairs!
(This Mitsubishi repair can run over $200 in places)

The money has helped convince my wife of my continuing to put up "Fix-it" pages - it is fun to share.

Thanks, also, to those who could only afford "Thanks" and got in contact - that means quite a bit too.

Did you find this useful? We would love to hear!   We will add your comments here (no full names or email addresses of course!)

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