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About Us?  We think it should be more about you!

   One of our customers recently asked to deal with a real human and not a computer when ordering their FOFA's.
   We understand. We promise there are
real humans here, even though you can order through the site.



Worry about ordering something online? Email us at

A family-owned business in North Texas USA, we started out more than 10 years ago and have enjoyed increasing success.
In the process, we have gotten to know wonderful customers too -

So what do we do?

everyday frustrations are the focus of Melbourne Designs' products.

 If you ever find yourself saying "why can't they come up with ..." then

we want to be the "they" you are referring to.  Quite a challenge.

Are you "Tired of Losing Keys?™  FOFA® is a Simple Solution.
Our first web-offered product, our Patented Find One, Find All®  ( FOFA® ) is a perfect example.
Our Flat FOFAs (6mm) work in wallets or "velcro"ed to the back of cell phones & remote controls.
We have also simplified the setting of FOFA - 1 button and that is it! 


FOFA-XD has all the things folks asked for. Now LOUDER, harder wearing, lighter (1/2 oz) and more attractive,
FOFAs are able to detect even buried objects (e.g. in a laundry hamper) with Proximity Detect™
which sends a radio beacon back to the FOFA-XD you are holding!

Make sure you order now while supplies last!  (And we're not kidding..)
Also, our Thanks to;  Brenda C. for helping us optimize the site for the visually challenged.
      The National Federation of the Blind for their help & support.
Dallas Lighthouse for the Blind

                        The Royal Blind Society of Great Britain (through our UK Dealer)

For our Troops:
Sending FOFAs to our Troops abroad?
 Let us pick up the shipping! Call us to arrange this.


The People of Melbourne Designs, LLC ....

Description: Graphic of a key fob FOFA - Showing Six buttons on a Braille Keypad
Amanda J Melbourne - Chief Executive Officer

Amanda Melbourne is CEO of Melbourne Designs. With her drive to combine
quality and usefulness of product with great customer service, we are fortunate
to have her at the controls. Amanda also handles national accounts and
international distributor inquiries.

Have a question? Many of them can be answered by reading our Questions Page

Contact Amanda directly

Bob Miller - Marketing Guru                                                                                  
Robert B. Miller Marketing -  Melbourne Designs, LLC

Robert B. Miller is the "Marketing Guru" behind Melbourne Designs. His vast experience
leading a nationwide company's marketing division has helped launch FOFA in a big way. If you want to sell
FOFA or any of our upcoming products, be prepared to deal with our secret weapon - Bob.

David Melbourne - Designer                                                                                                              
David J. Melbourne - Design Engineer  

Practically every household has someone who loses stuff.
David Melbourne, designer, is one of these individuals.
He suffered from lost keys, lost wallets, misplaced glasses, lost remotes,
lost checkbooks, missing library books, you name it.
Not any more!
Have a question for David?
Contact David directly.

                                     A Brief History of Key Finders and The FOFA® 2 Step Program.

"Hello, my name is David Melbourne and I lose things.
  But, it has been more than 10 years since I lost my keys!

  Not because I got better, but because we developed FOFA
  You see, while I still lose stuff every day, I don't lose it ALL at once.
  With my FOFA's attached to my things, I can use something I can find to
  find the thing I can't. Now I simply don't lose my stuff anymore!

  I was a mess before FOFA®. I would be ready for work and my keys would
  run about the house and hide from me. My cell phone was so mobile,
  it moved about on it's own. That's how it seemed anyway. You can't even call it
  after a movie or a show either, as you turned it off. (No one reminds you to turn it
  back on, do they?) I was spending more and more time looking for things.

  I had to find a solution.


 (Above NOT David!)

First Generation Key Finders - All Clapped out

I started off with some of those whistle/clapper type key finders, but while they went
off for no reason in church*, although they never would when you lost your keys!

(* Since I play the piano in ours, I couldn't risk that!)

They still sell these today! THEY HAVE NOT IMPROVED!
So if you see in a key finder's advertising "occasional false alarms"
Don't Buy it It will drive you crazy (not to mention all the other folks.)




Second Generation - Carry a transmitter base around? Not!

Then I tried the newer $50-$70 "Base" station key finders where you attach
receivers to your stuff,  then have to use a huge transmitter to find them.
They were OK as long as you could find the transmitter, but when you lost things
away from home, you were out of luck - no transmitter!
It happened to me. Then I lost the transmitter too.

What was needed was a totally new approach. 

Third Generation - Find One, Find All® (FOFA®)

Then one day, we had a flash of inspiration, OK,  Amanda did.
She said "wouldn't it be more useful if they could all find each other?"
Now I pretend it was all my idea in the first place.  She understands.

So here's our 2 Step Program.

1) Buy some FOFA's from or call us.
2) Stick 'em on. (We tell you how, don't worry)

That's it. Problem solved. No group therapy. No special diet. No pills.
We are already working on the next frustrations.
If you have one you want solving, let us know.

We love this stuff, really

Ships TODAY from TEXAS - Get yours FAST!
US Priority Mail for 2-3 day delivery

          "The gift for someone who has
                 everything ... but loses it" ™

FOFA and Find One, Find All are Registered Trademarks of Melbourne Designs, LLC Patented.

Some words about Security.
Our customers information security is of the utmost importance to us.

We delete ALL sensitive financial information the moment your FOFAs are ordered.

Yes, that means ordering more (and most people do once they have them) is a bit if a chore as you have to
re-enter the numbers again. Better to be safe though! In 10 years, we have not had any problems with this policy.
Our site is continually checked for current PCI Security by a third party security company.
Spam Free - No Hassle.  We don't SPAM anyone! Ever! 

When you enter an email, you will get just 2 emails. 1 for the receipt, 1 for the tracking. We won't give, sell, donate or copy your
email to anyone else. You are welcome to email us of course!


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