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                                                                                 Demo Description :
The demo opens with a cartoon digital alarm clock showing seven thirty. The caption reads "Time to leave for work" then  "Where are those keys?" A "stuff Gremlin", a little fantasy dragon-like imp, peeks out mischievously from behind the clock. During the Polka music, he runs back and forth with keys and remotes. The caption reads "Does it seem sometimes that someone hides your stuff?" then "He does not take everything at once, just the thing you need right now" The gremlin's arm comes from the lower screen, grabs the words on the screen and pulls them off. He then appears smiling. A key fob style FOFA descends from above and hits him directly on the head. Dazed, with eyes rolling, the gremlin sinks off the bottom of the screen as the music changes to a choral beat theme. Keys are then attached to the key fob FOFA and it moves to the left side. On the right side, an open man's wallet appears and a Flat style FOFA flies into one of the slots. A hand appears and pushes a key on the key fob FOFA, The Flat FOFA then shows expanding circles that indicate ringing, The hand then moves to the Flat FOFA and pushes a button on that FOFA. The rings appear on the key fob FOFA to show it is ringing. During this sequence, the captions read, "Now you can use something you can find to find something you can't. " The Wallet moves up to join a grid showing many household and personal items that you can attach FOFA to. The caption reads "Get FOFA now and send the Stuff Gremlin packing" The gremlin walks sadly right to left carrying an old fashioned checkered bundle on a stick, indicating he is leaving.  The demo ends with a key fob FOFA on the screen with the caption "End the stress today. Foe the person who has everything ... and loses it" and a nice "Buy Now" button. The gremlin peeks out from behind the words and sticks his tongue out to show his disapproval of the whole FOFA concept. A small gremlin head appears holding a replay button. You can push your back button to return to the main screen now.