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The Gift for Someone Who Has Everything but Can't Find It... 2-Way Wireless Key Finder and Wallet Locator Set

ARLINGTON, Texas, Dec. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Sometimes being the biggest loser has nothing to do with weight loss. Every family has that one person who loses their stuff all the time. Guys in particular will love the new combination Find One Find All(R) Key Finder & Wallet Locator Set from Melbourne Designs, LLC. With one of these tiny 2-way wireless devices on your keys and another specially designed thin version in your wallet, you can find either one... with the other. In addition to beeping loudly and flashing a light, each 2-Way "FOFA(R)" (for short) also transmits a radio beacon to help you hone in on your buried stuff. Keeping up with cell phones, glasses and those illusive remote controls is as simple as putting FOFAs on them, too.

"We kept getting asked for a key and wallet set," says Amanda Melbourne, CEO of Melbourne Designs, LLC, "and now that it is out, it has become as popular as our 2 Key Fob Set."

Unlike other key finders, these patented devices do not use a "base" transmitter, which would just be something else to keep track of. FOFAs can all find each other, and as a result, can be used anywhere. Of course, having one more FOFA on your spouse's keys is a good idea, too; you just never know when you will lose it all!


The Find One Find All(R) Key Finder and Wallet Locator Set and 2 Key Fob Set are both available online at for $24.95 each. All include batteries and easy-to-follow instructions. Worldwide shipping available. FOFAs are FCC, CE, IC and RoHS-compliant.

Privately held Melbourne Designs, LLC of Arlington, Texas has been offering FOFAs since 2002. Contact Amanda Melbourne by email at, or by calling (925)800-FOFA (3632) for more information. International reseller inquiries welcome.

Find One Find All(R) & FOFA(R) are Registered Trademarks of Melbourne Designs, LLC. Patented.


Melbourne Designs is a Better Business Bureau Online Accredited Business



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FOFA Keyfob Hi-Res Image

FOFA Keyfob + Flat Wallet Style Hi-Res Image

FOFA Glasses Finder Hi-Res Image (600K)

FOFA Glasses Finder on Glasses Hi-Res Image

FOFA Keyfob in Hand Hi-res on white background

FOFA Flat Wallet Style - Hi-res on white background


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