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Use your Wallet to find your keys ..... and vice versa!
  Tired of losing your Keys?
What about your Wallet, Cell Phone, or those pesky TV Remotes? 
Introducing our Patented
Find One Find All®  Key Finders.

FOFA® (foh-fah)  Key Finders are attached to your
  keys, wallet, phone and other easy-to-lose things,
  they can all find, and be found,  by each other.
No "Base" to Lose!

Get as many Sets as you need. They will work together!

   Simple to use.  Lose the Stress Instead!
 "The gift for someone who has everything ... but loses it" ™






   Prefer to buy your FOFAs on Amazon? We sell them there too!
CXD-27 or KXD-27 

 30 Day Money Back Guarantee + 1 Full Year Manufacturers Warranty. 

 Questions? Call US! (925) 800-FOFA         
Mon-Fri 9-3pm CST -
Arlington, Texas USA                               

How does FOFA work?  
Which one is the "Base"?

Unlike other key finders, every FOFA is the "Base" also!

How?  Each has a built-in transmitter which can signal
any of the others, up to 30 feet away! Now you can

find lost things even when away from home.
Customer Comments:

"My wife is forever misplacing her keys, cell phone, glasses, and TV remote and up until we discovered these fabulous devices, she used to drive us crazy making us all look for them. Thank you for these."
..... Gene P, Rockport ME 
"Thanks again.  It is amazing how much stress can be relieved by just finding something.. It works! Nice loud beep! Easy set up! Very quick ship!"  ... Rich G,  Kinnelon, NJ
 "You have possibly saved my marriage..." "THIS WAS AN AWESOME GIFT!"
 ... Monica H, MI



Easy to Setup! Have a look at the FOFA XD Owners Manual! 


 FOFA®XD 1 Key fob plus Flat/Wallet "Combo" Set ... $2495    IN STOCK!

  Great for Wallet & Keys or Phone & Keys. Want to find them all?
  Then get two sets! They will all find each other! 

This Combo Set includes one Key fob finder and one Flat/Wallet Finder, batteries, attachment materials and easy-to-follow instructions. Use your wallet to find your keys and vice versa! Put a Flat on the back of your cell phone and find it when it is dead! Colorful gift box. 
 *Texas Res. Add 8% tax   Part#  CXD-27

 FOFA®XD Set of 2 Key fobs ...... $2495    LOW STOCK! 
    The perfect starter set for those who just want to find their keys.
    Includes two Key fob finders, batteries, attachment materials, and easy-to-follow instructions. 
    Can find each other, find and be found by all the other kinds of FOFAs also - available separately
    below. Limit 2 per customer (supplies very short). Patented
*Texas Res. Add 8% tax     

          Special Offer!
Back By Popular Demand
       2 X Flats / Wallets -

 Get 2 Flats and save money. Put one in your wallet and one on the remote.
 They can find each other and your other FOFAs also!
 Includes two Flat/Wallet Finders, batteries, attachment materials
                                    and easy-to-follow instructions. UnBoxed.  Patented
*Texas Res. Add 8% tax 

FOFA® XD Features

  • Use anywhere, with 2-Way operation, no "Base" Transmitter is needed. 2-Way,
    Bi-directional Operation.
    Each FOFA Key Finder can find the others! 
  • No False Alarms!  No clapping or whistling
  • XD Proximity Detect  radio feedback feature lets you know an item is probably buried.
  •  Award winning RFID Radio Transponder technology.  Works through walls, sofa cushions, laundry baskets, etc
  • NEW! One Button Setting - get them going in seconds!
  • Expandable - Use up to 36 FOFA Key Finders in one household or office!
  • Up to 30 ft range. Loud 94 dB beep and flashing LED alarm. Hear Key finder alarm!
  • Batteries Included!   Uses commonly available inexpensive CR2032 coin cell  
  • NEW! Easy Pull Battery Tab activation.
  • Easy-to-follow instructions.
     Read the FOFA XD Owners Manual! 
     Front(pdf - 3Mb) and Back (pdf - 1Mb)

    or  Image Front (jpg)    
      Image Back (jpg)   (Get free Adobe Reader)
  • Attachment hardware and key rings included.
  • 30 day Money-back guarantee.                                                  
  • Your Privacy and Security is very important to us - See our policy

   We ship your Key Finders the same day for orders before 3pm CST
                                 US Delivery in 3-5 days  

See Our Refund Policy.   Your Privacy and Security is very important to us - See our Security Policy




"With a FOFA tied to my (cell) phone, I still found it even when I left the ringer off yesterday...
 ...  Teresa S, ID,


  "I love my FOFA's. I have 6 of them and they have saved me more time and aggravation than any
   other convenience device I have.
... Margie E , TX  

   "I had stopped at the market and when I was leaving, my keys were gone...
    I remembered that I had looked at some plants on the way in. I signaled around the plants,
    and suddenly the plants spoke back.  The keys were nicely camouflaged, but not lost! Hooray!"
  ...  Carol B. Houston TX

   "Works great - Thanks - Haven't been late for work since!!" ...
Sha K HI

"Love them - But you should call them "Findy McFindFace"? RM - Tx

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FOFA® and Find One Find All® are Registered Trademarks of Melbourne Designs, LLC Arlington Texas USA. Patented

FOFAs make an appreciated gift.  GET YOURS WHILE STOCKS LAST!Award winning technology.  Stop looking for lost things! Lose the stress instead.